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Ansys Gateway powered by AWS

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How to Add Ansys Gateway User?

    • Masataka Nakamura
      Ansys Employee

      / About Ansys Gateway User

      Ansys Gateway has two types of users.

      1. Tenant Administrator: Administrator User
      2. Tenant User: General User(Contains the Project Space Administrator and Simulation User roles)


      / How to add Ansys Gateway User

      There are two types of setup methods for Ansys Gateway, and the method for adding users differs depending on the setup method.

      Setup Method 1: Express setup

      l  Tenant Administrator: Ansys ID used for Express setup become Tenant Admin user.

      -          There is currently no feature to change or add Tenant admin user, but it will be implemented in the future.

      l  Tenant User: When Ansys users with same domain sign-in to Gateway, Gateway user is created on-demand. However, these users still need to be added to a project space, which is the same behavior as now. 

      Setup Method 2: Manual setup

      l  Common to Tenant Administrator/Tenant User:

      1. Add AD user to security group(Tenant_Admins,Tenant_users)
      2. Add the Ansys ID email address to the user's Mail Property
      3. Wait for Sync for about 30 minutes


    • Vaibhav Dixit
      Ansys Employee



      1. New user must have an Ansys ID (User account on Ansys Customer Portals). Refer Creating an Ansys Account
      2. When new Ansys user with "same domain” as Tenant administrator sign-in to Gateway, Tenant user is created.
        • these users still need to be added to a project space.
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