How to add biomaterial in the material database?


    • Sooyeon Kim

      Hi. I am a beginner of Ansys FDTD, and interested in simulating optical properties of organic materials, especially bio one, for example, structures made of protein and DNA molecules. However, in the default material data base, there is no database which can be used to simulate such organic materials.

      I have two questions. 

      1) Is there any other similar materials in the database to use as an alternative to these materials above?

      2) Is it possible to manually add database of new materials? If so, what kind of measurements do I need to do?

      Thank you very much in advance and I look forward to hearing advices from you who may have had similar questions!

    • Amrita Pati
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Sooyeon,

      1.   I don’t believe there are any biomaterials in the Default Material Database. A list of all materials can be found on the following page:

      2. Yes, it is possible to add new materials to the databse. The following video will provide you more information on how to add different types of materials:


      If you add Sampled Data to the Material Database, it is important to ensure that the material fits are accurate before you run the simulation. The material fitting can be checked and modified in the Material Explorer window. For more information related to material fitting, please refer to the link below:

      Thank you.

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