How to add boundary condition dv/dz=0, dT/dx=0 at outlet

    • Waleed Ghayas

      (v: velocity of fluid, T: temperature of fluid)

      I need to add boundary condition dv/dz=0, dT/dz=0 at outlet. I am simulating internal flow along a pipe, and z-axis is along a axial direction to the pipe in the direction of the flow.

    • raul.raghav

      A outflow boundary condition in Ansys Fluent will impose a zero gradient for all the flow variables (in your case, velocity and Temperature) normal to the boundary. For more information, refer:

      Using Flow Boundary Conditions

      Outflow Boundary Conditions

    • memo

      Dear Raul,

      I want to impose zero gradient boundary condition for the transport of an additional variable in ANSYS CFX. At this boundary condition the value of static pressure should also be equal to P0. Is there any way to have both of these conditions defined in one boundary in CFX?

      Thank you

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      Check if zero gradient for the variable in question is available as model choice otherwise you need to code it.
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