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How to add compressibility?

    • Sandra Pérez Barrio

      I would like to know how to add a compressibility to a material. This one in particular (grey one) compresses 45% at 5000psi out of plane. With this compressibility, it would fill the gap that appears in the image. I have tried to play with the young's modulus and the poisson's ratio to get it, but to get that 45% deformation I would have to put a ridiculous young's modulus, in the order of 80 Pa. This material has different in-plane and out-of-plane properties (graphite). With the young's modulus specified in the catalog, the compressibility is almost zero (1e-10 m). Could someone tell me how to define this property in engineering data? Thank you very much.

    • peteroznewman

      Hello Sandra,

      Use a Gasket material and mesh the compressible layer with SOLSHELL190 elements. You need the solid body of the gasket to be meshable with a Mesh Method of Sweep. You need to mesh a single layer of elements through the thickness, then you can use a Gasket material on that body.

      The Gasket material allows you to define a table of pressure vs closure.

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