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How to add more than 2 states in the discretization step of topology optimizatio

    • Luigi Ranno



      I have been trying to use the newly implemented topology optimization codes provided, but I noticed that currently the algorithms only support binarization between the lowest and highest permittivity, with nothing in between. Would it be possible to have an algorithm that, for example, can do the discretization of the permittivity between 3 or 4 values, rather than just 2?




    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      It could be, but it needs significant effort to modify the codes. Please explore more.

      However, please think it over if 3 or 4 values are practical, since ultimately, you will need to convert to real materials. You may consider dispersive material if needed.

      The online example is for binary, either has the waveguide material, or no, with fixed refractive index.

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