How to add Optimization Constraints and frequency range?

    • srocca


      I wish to optimize the magentic field at the surface of a Double Split Ring Resonator over a 1GHz range. I defined the function to maximize as max(Mag_H) on the desired surface. This however is not possible over a frequency range when using the "Maximize" condition, only at a single frequency.Any suggestions how to approach this?


      Additionally, part of the optimization willl be to vary the radii of the loops. However to have a valid 3D model, the Inner radius cannot be greater than the Outer Radius (Outer Radius > Inner Radius for all steps). Is there a way to implement this?

    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Srocca,

      Thank you for reaching to us and we appreciate your patience.

      Yes, it is possible to define optimizer goals over a frequency band. I would like to recommend you to use return loss at the port as the optimizer goal instead of the magnetic field.

      You can also set the optimizer goal for the radii. 

      For more details on how to set this up in your simulation model, you can create a service ticket from the customer portal if you have service access as this would be a more engaging process and cannot be addressed in the forum.

      Best regards,

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