How to add second winding on a stator pole for VFRM in Ansys Electronics Student

    • Adilkhan Kaden

      Hello, I am new to Ansys and using ansys electronics student desktop to model a variable flux reluctance machine (VFRM). The model is similar to switched reluctance machine. The only difference is that VFRM has both armature and field windings on each stator poles. Therefore I used SMRcore built-in model from RMxprt in Ansys. So far I was only able to add an armature winding and don't know how to add a field winding on the same pole. Could you please suggest me a way to do that? Thank you

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Adilkhan,

      You can add another coil on top of the armature winding and define the insulation boundary between them.




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