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How to add significant digits to a List in APDL

    • gasilva8

      I'm working with modal analysis and I'm trying to change the number of decimal points in APDL. After that, I want to show results on a list.

      I've seen some questions here about the same topic but it doesn't work for me.

      I tried the following commands:




      SET, LIST,1 


      Do you have any ideia why numbers remain with the same format even after aplying FORMAT command?


      Thank you!!


    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee


      Please see the Help -> Mechanical APDL -> Commands Reference -> /FORMAT entry, specifically the end of the page in the Notes section.  It shows the 'table printing' command that this command controls and SET is not one.  However PRVAR (print variable) is one command that /FORMAT controls the formatting for - but the first field is not used.  PRVAR is a /PSOT26 command, and time/freq is auto-defined to be the first variable.  So instead do:




      Will list with 10 digits after the decimal place.


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