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How to Add Temperature-Dependent Thermal Conductivity in ANSYS Electronics Deskt

    • cx z

       I recently encountered a challenge while conducting thermal analysis using ANSYS Icepak. My objective is to introduce thermal conductivity that varies with temperature into my simulation, but I'm uncertain about the correct procedure to achieve this.


      While exploring the "View/Edit Material" window, I noticed a "View/Edit Modifier for" section that offers the potential for adjustments. However, even after importing a dataset for temperature-dependent thermal conductivity and initiating thermal simulations, it appears that the software persists in employing a constant "value" for thermal conductivity rather than utilizing the temperature-dependent data provided by the modifier.


      I made an effort to search for relevant options and documentation within Icepak but was unable to locate concise instructions or tutorials. I kindly request your assistance in providing concise steps or guidance, or perhaps directing me to pertinent documentation links that could enhance my understanding of implementing this functionality.


      Additionally, I would like to inquire about changing the unit of thermal conductivity within ANSYS ADET Icepak.

    • Iceman

      Please check Icepak Help Documentation chapter 4-31 Specifying Thermal Modifiers for temperature-dependent material properties setup.

      The unit of the thermal conductivity can't be directly changed. But if you set the value of the thermal conductivity as a varialbe by naming it as $variable_name, you can change the unit while initializing the value. 

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