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General Mechanical

How to apply acceleration PSD on p_face in random vibration of workbench?

    • majiaobin
      This question follows the previous one "Questions regarding Boundary condition setting and Random Vibration Analysis (pressure excitation)". The blade shroud and hub face are fixed boundaries, and random loads with acceleration PSD of airflow on the pressure surface and suction surface.
      Pressure PSD loading and solving was previously resolved by defining p_face and APDL commands.
      Now my question is how to load the acceleration PSD? Can I still use the previous command stream but add a different PSD type?

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      Please see if the following link helps:

      " target="blank">Performing Random Vibration Analysis Using Ansys Mechanical - YouTube

      Regards Ashish Khemka
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