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how to apply concentration on a wall

    • kartikeya parmar

      i have a rectangular channel with water as inlet on the top wall i want to apply a dye like fluid and see how dye mixes with fluid as it passes but i am not getting how to apply dye concentration on the wall can anyone please help. Just like we apply temperature on a wall can we similarly apply concentration also on a wall please suggest

    • Rob
      Forum Moderator

      It's not quite that easy at the moment. If you turn on species there's a specified value (from memory) but it's often that we'd use a source term into the near wall cell. There's an enhancement request in for the feature, but I have no knowledge as to when it'll happen. 

    • Ahmed Hussien
      Ansys Employee

      You can refer to Section “ Species Boundary Conditions for Walls” in the Ansys User Guide for more infromation. 



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