How to apply Element Birth & Death to simulate additive manufacturing?

    • Naeel D

      Hi all, I'm in need of assistance writing/understanding the code as a rookie for the Element Birth & Death technique for my model that I want to simulate additive manufacturing (Laser cladding). What should my approach be and how is it done?

      The following is what I have been able to muster together without a good understanding (specifically for ANSYS mechanical APDL:

      1. Define Transient Analysis

      2. NROPT, FULL

      3. !Select all nodes

      4. !Select all elements attached to the nodes

      5. EKILL, ALL

      6. !Plot ‘live elements’ (to check whether the Ekill command is executed, you may need to turn off the PowerGraphics)

      7. !Select EVERYTHING (Selects all deactivated elements)

      8. EALIVE (???)

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