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General Mechanical

How to apply shear and normal stress

    • momidor


      I'm gonna to provide simplified stress simulation which supposed to be show a influence of postwelded residual stress to the surroundings.


      1. how to apply a shear and normal stress to the "hoop" respresents the filled weld ?

      2. If the answer is name selection > node selection question is how to apply to each node from "hoop" in perpendicular, longitudinal and tangentially to the middle surface of the filled weld ?


      For example I applied a pressure acting perpendicular to end plane ( or along to the its longitudina crookedl axis ) of the "steel ribbon" represents an helical seam weld and got a an stress which embrace only partial of this plane.

      The point is that the curve suppose to be taut as a rope around a pipe.


      Thanks in advanced


    • SaiD
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Jurek,

      I am not completely familiar with all the terminologies with regards to welding. But to answer you question 2: If you know the components of the forces to be applied in terms of the global coordinate system, then under Details --> Definition --> Define by: "Components". Then you can define the force or pressure in terms of the x,y,z components.

      Hope this helps,


    • momidor

      Thanks Sai. I've done it already. 

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