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How to apply uniform temperature change in coupled thermal-structural analysis in ANSYS APDL

    • Nuno koh

      I'm using ANSYS APDL.

      I want to do analysis about a time varying temperature loading thermal-mechanical analysis.

      Generally,  coupled thermal-structural analysis is used for it.

      Firstly, thermal analysis is completed and then, followed by structural analysis.

      I have interested in thermal analysis as below.

      1. A PCB strip is pre-heated in 220'C bake.

      2. The PCB is cooled down to 25'C

      3. The PCB is re-heated to 260'C

      But, I want to use nodal temperature not heat flux as loading, in the menu path  'solution>Define load> apply>temperature' load temperature.

      and I want that temperature distribution is even because it is steady state, (just it is different by time not location).

      How can I make the solution.



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