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How to assign anisotropic hyperelastic material property (not in engineering data)?

    • serene7wings

      How to apply anisotropic hyperelastic material property  to geometry processed in static structural solver?

      I wish to assign the anisotropic hyperelastic material property but it cannot be found in engineering data. I am able to call the function in mechanical APDL unit. 

      Then i tried to save the material data and import it as mesh in a finite element unit and finally linked it to the engineering data cell, it works for other types of material, elastic isotropic and Mooney-Rivlin material but not for the anisotropic hyperelastic material.

      Is there anybody can advice me on how to input the anisotropic hyperelastic material to the static structural cell so that i can assign it to my geometry?

      Is there a reason why this special hyperelastic material group cannot be read into engineering data cell in ANSYS? 

    • jpasquerell
      Ansys Employee

      Insert a command object under each part that you want to apply the anisotropic hyperelastic material property to and use commands like those below.  Parameter matid is handled by Mechanical so that the data is assigned to that part.:


      MPDEL,EX,matid   ! Delete any existing EX material properties from engineering data repeat for any other desired labels

      TB, AHYPER,matid,...             






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