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How to Assign the Orthotropic conductivity in ANSYS Fluent

    • sid4san

      I have Conductivity in Plane and through Plane. and my Model looks like the image below.

    • Rob
      Forum Moderator
      The orientation of the vector is defined in the red box you've highlighted. This means we can assign off axis conductivity. As it's set at the moment, direction-0 is aligned with the x-axis, direction-1 with y & therefore direction-2 with z. The numbering is because C starts at zero for lists.
      Your red vector looks to be a mix of x and y, so you'll need to work out the orientation. Trigonometry and vector maths is one of the few bits of school (not University) maths that I regularly use. Or cheat and align the volume with x, y & z at the geometry stage: that's my usual solution,.
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