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How to automatically save and export collection efficiency of droplet in Fensap-Ice

    • Susan

      Dear All,

      I am doing opimtization and want to read result files (e.g. collection efficiency) generated in fensap-ice work directory each step, but I don't know which result file contains that information. When I open the droplet file in the work directory after DORPLET computation, it shows messy codes.

      Also, which file has and how can II read required heat loads when I choose Compute IPS conditions?

      Could anyone help, please? Thank you very much!

      Best regards,


    • Shoaib Shah
      Ansys Employee
      Hi Susan
      Drop3d will save a 'droplet' solution file as shown in your screen shot. This is where you will details of the droplet fields including collection efficiency (beta). Make sure to import reference conditions for inlets to ensure you have a converged solution.
      For the ice3d run, when you run it, it will save a swimsol file. this will contain the icing solution with all its field.
      I strongly recommend you to look at the manual and tutorial guide before trying out FENSAP-ICE.
      Thank you

    • Susan
      Thank you very much. However, how can I read droplet file externally and extract the collection efficiency information?
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