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General Mechanical

How to avoid contact force decreasing caused by MAT_ADD_EROSION in LS-DYNA

    • MTLCY

      Dear Engineers,
      I am working on a rock cutting simulation. What I care about are contact force and mass of rock debris. When I using FEM model, the contact force is much less than experimental results due to the failed element deleting. Therefore, I tried FEM-SPH method. The contact force is in good agreement with experimental results when I using FEM-SPH without mat add erosion, but no rock debris produced. However, when I using FEM-SPH with mat add erosion, the contact force is still less than experimental results due to the rock particles fly out.
      Here are some details about my model,

      Rock: SPH , Mohr-Coulomb model
      Disc cutter: FEM, rigid
      CONTROL CONTACT: enmass=1
      Failure criterion: tension failure, set the value of MNPRES in *MAT_ADD_EROSION to minus tensile strength (got from static Brazilian splitting test).
      Could you tell me how to get reasonable contact force when using MAT_ADD_EROSION in FEM-SPH model?

      Thank you in advance.

    • MTLCY
      Using FORM=1n
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