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How to build a practical astronomical telescope?

    • Zhihong Lin

      A student major in theoretical Physics yet, with a team interested in working on a telescope handmade, currently aiming for a clear view on the surface of the Moon, as well as a rough shape of the Mars and Jupiter maybe. We wish to design an aluminum structure for its base, and a optical system with reflective mirrors. We have aquired basic mathematic and physical knowledge, but no experience of choosing, using stimulation applications or choosing and buying materials, optical mirrors of different brands. Sincerely we wish to have instructions from you experts.

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Ansys is a provider for design and simulations. Currently we have two products:



      You can have free trial license for a month.

      For choosing and buying materials and lenses/mirrors from different brands, you can refer to Photonics Spectra, which has ads and annual product catalog you can order, free of charge if qualified. There are also many manufacturers  you may find online.

      I wish all the best for your project!

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