How to calcular Maxwell Stress Tensor(MST) by filed calculator in Maxwell 2d and 3d ?

    • limch4

      Hi, I am an engineering student who is studying for a master's degree in Korea. Please understand that my English is not very good.

    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      There are force calculation equations in Maxwell manual. Please find edge force density and surface force density, and use those equations, more clearer than the paper.
      To get X component of E, we could use Vector -> Scal? -> ScalarX, like Scl : ScalarX().
      Another thing is that domain of E should be air region around the object, we could use Scl : Domain(Volume(Region), ScalarX()) for Ex, and it is same for Y and Z components.
      We could also use force parameter, integrate edge force, surface force and volume in field calculator to calculate the forces. Thanks.
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