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How to calculate creep due to force acting by a Fluid ?

    • Hemanth7

      Hello everyone,

      I am trying to calculate creep acting on the bottom plate with nozzles of a tank (made of Pt alloy), the tank is filled with molten glass liquid, which results the sagging of bottom plate with nozzles after few months and few ceramic bars are present inside the tank for the support and to extend life of the bottom plate due to creep. The continuous flow of this molten glass through the nozzles of the bottom plate induces stresses which further leads to creep phenomena.

      I have tried to simulate model using static structural analysis, but unable to present the molten glass as liquid instead it behaves as solid in this module. Is there anyway to study the pressure distribution acting along the bottom plate by molten glass liquid and then use these values as input to study the creep phenomena. It would be helpful if there are any leads. Thank you in advance.

      Please find the inserted image as reference which is not an original model.

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