How to calculate energy flux through the surface of the airfoil in fluent?

    • Milne Ando


      I want to calculate energy flux through the surface of a thick airfoil which is allowed to rotate about its CG. My equation indicates that pressure and shear stress forces (external forces) cause the total energy to change. Is there any method I can get the quantity of energy flux in Fluent?

      Hope someone can help. Thanks.

    • Swathi V. V.
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Milne,


      The following document will be helpful for your : 26.1. Fluxes Through Boundaries (ansys.com)


      You can always create custom field variable to create a new variable and use it for post processing. More information on the same can be found in 37.5. Custom Field Functions (ansys.com)

      • Milne Ando


        sorry sir, I use free student software, which means I have no customer number so that unble to access that links. ;(

        Is there any method to access them?

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