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How to calculate inter-phase enthalpy ?

    • Bruce Zhou

      Hello !

      I am now having diffiulty in understanding the concept of  "inter-phase enthalpy" while referring to the Ansys Fluent Theory Guide document. The detail is shown below.

      The text above confuses me. Take the process of ice melting into liquid water as an example, how to calculate interphase enthalpy (hpq, p-ice, q-water) ? Is hpq a difference between the enthalpy under the phase state of p and q or the enthalpy under either of the two phase states ?

    • Prashanth
      Ansys Employee

      Hello, h_pq is not the difference. As mentioned, for evaporation (liq to vap), it is the enthlapy of vapor phase at the temperature of liquid phase. And vice versa for h_qp. Individual phase enthalpies will be calculated from the specific heat values, of that phase.

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