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How to calculate phi and theta from gratingu1 and gratingu2?

    • fdtdisgreat


      How do I calculate phi and theta from the results of gratingu1 and gratingu2? My guess would have been phi = arctan( u2/u1) and theta = arcsin( sqrt(u1^2 + u2^2) ), but for some of my results sqrt(u1^2 + u2^2) is greater than 1, so this cannot be true (where u1 and u2 are the results of gratingu1 and gratingu2 respectively for the same beam). I checked the online documentation of gratingu1 and gratingu2 and I couldn't see any information on this. Thank you in advance. (Note: I'm defining theta and phi as is conventionally done in spherical coordinates)

    • Taylor Robertson
      Ansys Employee

      You are on the right track, and for more information on the coordinates I would refer to the following references.
      This page should explicitly state the coordinate transformation
      The following is a script command that should perform the transformation for you

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