How to Calculate Pressure force on a Selected surface

    • thamarai

      Hi guys,


      Iam doing a pressure lost analysis in a valve, In which I want to calculate pressure force acting in the piston region as shown in fig. I used Pressure inlet and pressure outlet boundary conditions. I tried the following methods but didn't worked


      1.Post Processor---> Functional calculator

      >Force. I got near to zero newton force.


      2. Post Processor ---> Drawn a plan and through functional calculator, calculated avg pressure in the plan which didn't gave logical value ( I gave 6 bar at inlet pressure and 4.5 bar at the outlet  while using this method I got pressure force more than 15 bar which is impossible )


      3. Report ---> Area-weighted Average/Integral/Vertext Average.. All gave zero as the result.


      Can you Kindly guide me to find the solution?

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      I assume you are using Fluent solver.

      Can you please check if your solution is converged or not in Fluent? 

      Can you please check it in Fluent using Results --> Surface Integrals? 




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    • thamarai

      Dear Keyur,


      Thanks for your help. It is working..




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