How to calculate received power of antenna in HFSS

    • neko

      Hi, I'm trying to simulate the reception characteristics of a slot antenna on a substrate using HFSS.

      I created a 3D model of a slot antenna surrounded by a boundary box. Then I put a lumped port at the center of the slot, and assigned the top surface to wave port as an incident wave.

      Now I want to calculate the power received by the lumped port under conjugate matching condition, but how can I obtain the received power?

      I'm new to HFSS so I would appreciate any comments. Thank you in advance.


      Wave port

      Slot antenna with a lumped port

    • rtk
      Ansys Employee


      From your description about the scenario, it seems like giving a required input power as a 'System Power' through Excitation source settings and taking the S-parameters will help. 

      For more details please refer the help document .



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