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How to calculate the GAIN of the ONA in the Interconnect.

    • Toshinori Ninomiya


      I want to analyze the ring modulator. I use the example that demonstrates the simulation of a ring modulator (
      I set some parameters and characterized separately using device-level simulations. In addition, I combined building blocks into a circuit in INTERCONNECT.
      Here, I have a question. I want to confirm how to calculate the gain in the ONA. In the step 5 of the simulation (, we can get the transmission spectrum from gain. I use this step, and I can get results. 
      Also, I use power meter in the through port and drop port in the ring. Then, I can get the output power as input light wavelength seep. From the results of the power meter, I calculate the transmission [dB].
      Here, there are big different between result from ONA(gain) and power meter(transmission). 
      Therefore, I want to know How to calculate gain in the ONA.
    • Guanhui Wang
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Toshinori Ninomiya,

      The gain measured in ONA is the power transmission gain, for example, if the power is decreased by 2 dB, the the gain is -2 dB. So it's different than the power transmission. 

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