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how to calculate the moment reaction in ansys

    • jiande cheng

      the ansys help give a explain : Moment probes which perform a moment arm calculation, Mechanical employs the undisplaced mesh. In other words, when Mechanical computes a moment arm for a node, it finds the difference between the (x,y,z) of the node and the summation point (sx,sy,sz) in the base mesh: moment_arm = (x,y,z) - (sx,sy,sz)

      can anyone  teach me ,the (x,y,z) and (sx,sy,sz) mean what ?  can give me a simple example and the detail the formula? thanks.


    • Ashish Kumar
      Forum Moderator


      Please refer to the following links:

      Reactions: Forces and Moments (

      How to access the ANSYS Online Help


      Ashish Kumar

    • jiande cheng

      I  did  not  clearly, why  moments   A1+A2+A3 not  equate the  A 。 the A  area  equate  A1+A2+A3. .😂   

      It  confused me for a long time.


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