How to calculate total energy transfer into the furnace by gas flow and radiation in ansys fluent?

    • phanicmsf

      I need to develop a 3D furnace model for creating a digital twin.

      Initially, I need to develop a 3D CFD model and validate that before developing ROM or Digital Twin in Ansys ?

      I didn't have any specific geometry as of now, but need to consider a simple geometry which depicts a furnace with burner.

      I need to feed fuel and gas into the furnace chamber through burner and after solving I need to verify the model.

      a) How to develop the simplest model and check for energy balance of the model ?


      b) Initially, how to verify the model before validating with experimental data ?

      c) What are the parameters and variables to be checked for checking the model is correct?

      Note: d) Details of Flame propagation is not important to me, only i) temperature distribution inside the furnace chamber as well as ii) temperatures through the wall thickness at different locations are important.

      e) Need to consider i) conduction ii) convection and iii) Radiation in the model

      Kindly provide insights and suggestions?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      The flux reports account for chemical energy when reactions are switched on, so that's a good starting point. Flame propagation will be fairly important as that's what drives the domain temperature. Conduction & convection are on as soon as you solve for energy, radiation is a separate model, and whether you need it or not depends on temperature differences etc. I'd skip that to start with as the combustion part will be complex enough at first.
      If you open the Fluent Help you'll find a load of tutorials and links to videos. Start there.
    • Karthik R
      It seems like you may need to look into some literature on this. You should be able to find some simple test cases for validation. Since you wish to compare your model with experiments, the literature would be a great place to get you started.
      Thank you!
    • phanicmsf
      Thank you .

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