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how to carry out harmonic analysis to free piezoelectric PWAS in workbench ?

    • Md_Salem

      I used to do harmonic analysis to free PZT PWAS in APDL in order to get electromechanical impedance spectrum VS frequency , as next sequence:

      1- define the element and piezo-material structural parameters , coupled parameters and electric permittivity

      2- modeling and meshing the free PWAS

      3-select the upper surface nodes

      4- create component for the top surface:


      5- couple the VOLT DOF for the top surface as set '1'


      6- get node 'N1' on the upper electrode:


      7- do the same for the lower surface ( BOTTOM,2,N2)

      8- apply VOLT loads on the upper and lower surfaces :



      9- define the frequency range (start - end) and so frequency steps

      10 - do the analysis

      11- extract the charge on electrode and do external math to convert it to current then impedance and get the spectrum .

      the output is 100% experimentally verified.

      my question is how to carry out this procedure down from step number 4 for free PWAS ? , and if it is possible to get the impedance calculated directly in workbench 21R2 ?

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      Please see if the following helps:

      ANSYS Tutorial for PWAS (

      Regards Ashish Khemka
    • Md_Salem

      appreciated for your help, but unfortunately the attached video shows the steps that I have already stated for simulation of PZT in APDL. I need to learn how to do it in ANSYS 21R2 WORKBENCH
      Regards MD Salem
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