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How to change font to monospace type in Ansys.ACT.Browser

    • PSiedlac123


      Do you know how to change change display font to monospace type (Courier, terminal) in Ansys.ACT.Browser. I wrote py macro which result are tables of formatted string data. These tables are hard to read directly in ACT Console while proportional font is default. This results in situation that every line of print have different length, even if the number of chars is equal.


      print "i"*10," "*3,"a"*10
      print "a"*10," "*3,"i"*10



    • PSiedlac123

      Still I have no idea how to change font in ACT Console, but I made following disturbing observation of its behavior:

      myString = "

      Bold italian

      print myString
      print myString[1:8],myString[14:17]

      what result surprisingly in formatting of string as follow

      myString = "  Bold   italian "
      !- You see

      Is a way to get rid off these enhancers in ACT.Console ?
      or may be better to pipe in external tool to drive space formatted output data?

      Its a light of hope to find correct HTML tag or CSS style to overdrive font family, but I failed with and

      Ansys Employee

      Hey Sorry, that is not currently possible as it is hardcoded.

      our development team has noted this as an enhancement request and this should be available in future versions.


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    • PSiedlac123


      as per BUG'S in ACT console under Mechanical Simulation App. I have found one more. If one put snippet code with explicit path definition e.g. sys.path.append("q:\python\my_libs"), console call will purge the double backslash in to single backslash. In such case it will cause error with code execution.. However when You open Snippet in to edit mode You will find double \.

      I encourage ANSYS Dev to extend ANSYS capability with option of turning off all enchanters in Mechanical ACT-Console as it is on Workbench Script-Console and regular Python IDLE.


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