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How to change named selection in steady state thermal??

    • zaynhaikal

      hey guys, i have a little problem. how do i change the named selection in steady state thermal?? I think the name was generated from the connected Ansys ACP. When i solve in steady state thermal, an error popup "Not all Named Selections were successfully written because one or more names are not valid for the solver". Does this error means i need to change the name?

    • Rahul Kumbhar
      Ansys Employee
      Hello ArrayIt appears Mechanical doesn't like . in the Named Selection. Is it possible to rename the NS in ACP itself?nIn Mechanical, check the details view of Named Selection in bottom-left corner when you click on that NS. See if you get Read only option in the details view of that Named Selection. If there is Read Only option, you can change it and enable renaming or editing of the NS.n
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