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How to change precision?

    • marc-antoine.lafay

      On this picture:


      We can read 0.001 on Y coordinates which is not enough explicit!

      I would like to have 1.05e-3 ; 1.15e-3 ; etc. in scientific format.

      How to do this?




    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Marc-Antoine Lafay

      I performed a few tests from my end to understand the behaviour of charts in Discovery Live and my observation is as follows:

      1. The Y-axis values of a chart can either be in decimal or scientific format depending upon the magnitude of plotted values. 
        It seems that Discovery Live checks for the first significant digit after the decimal point to determine the format (Scientific or Decimal) in which the Y-axis is to be plotted.
      2.  If the first significant digit, of any of the plotted values, occurs at the third decimal place (Ex. 0.0051), the program seems to prefer using the Decimal format itself. (Refer image below)
        Although, if you run your cursor over the graph the values are shown with precision in Scientific format.

      3. If it the first significant digit, of any of the plotted values, occurs at the fourth place (Ex. 0.000525), the program prefers to show the Y-axis of the chart in the Scientific format. (Refer image below)

      This could have been designed so to ensure that the values on Y-axis look less flogged.

      Even though the range of values are more beyond the precision of the Third decimal (Ex. 0.00119, 0.00154, 0.00175), as your significant digit after the decimal is at the third place (Ex. 0.00119, 0.00154, 0.00175), Discovery Live sticks to the decimal format on the Y-axis.

      While that is how the chart is designed, I agree that this can cause some inconvenience, especially when the values in concern are of the order ~.001, as in your case.

      I would suggest you post this idea in the Ideas section so that our developers can try and come up with a better way to display the values.

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