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3D Design

How to change sketch after a solid has been made in SpaceClaim

    • jvswartz

      I want to be able to change the original sketch after I have entered 3D mode and generated a solid. I used to be able to do this is DesignModeler very easily, but cannot seem to find this in SpaceClaim.

    • Holger Grotjans
      Ansys Employee

      You can use the Pull option and other functions to easily change the 3D geometry. Why would you need the sketch anymore?

    • shkelzen

      In inventor or solidwork, we return to scetch to edit the equation curve parameter. 

      I have 2 question. 

      Is it possible to draw a exponential function according to a given equation in DesignModeler (not through points);

      If not, in a SpaceClaim we have option Equation (to create a geometry according to an equation). How to draw a 2d exponential function, and how to parameterize so we change depending for a certain value.

      for example: I have to draw different sandwich symmetric exponential beam according to 20*E^((-1/200)*t), then another one (-0.75/200).




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