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How to check the phase of the optical spectral components in Interconnect?

    • Metodi Belchovski

      Hello all, 

      I have a simple system where an RF signal is fed to a phase modulator and modulates a CW laser light. My question is simple, how can I see the phase of the optical spectral components after the phase modulator? I would appreciate any help with this problem.

      Here is a picture of my system:



    • Devika Padmakumar Nair
      Ansys Employee


      Hello, You can visualize phase from Result view visualizer. From drop down list under “scalar operation” select angle(see the picture below). The spectrum analyzer only returns power by default however, which is why the phase is zero. If you change the plot format property of the analyzer from power to rectangular then it will return the real/imaginary parts of the spectrum, so you can get the phase.

      to know more: How to properly create a reciprocal phase shifter/modulator – Ansys Optics

      Thank you



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