How to choose “numer of field profile sample”?

    • zhenjiehan


      Generally,how to choose "number of field profile sample" in port setting?

      For mmi, directional coupler, grating coupler, crossing, is the value assigned to 1 is OK?

      How to see whether this value "numer of field profile sample" is set appropriately or not?

    • Kyle
      Ansys Employee

      From the port documentation page:
      NUMBER OF FIELD PROFILE SAMPLES: Set to choose the number of frequency points at which to calculate the supported modes. Note that this does not have to correspond to the frequency points where the field data is measured which can be set in the port group. Linear interpolation of the calculated mode profiles between different frequency points will be automatically performed. Since the linear interpolation is typically a good approximation, few frequency points are required for accurate results.
      For a narrowband simulation one field sample should be fine. For a broadband simulation, increasing this value to around 3-5 could help improve the results. As mentioned in the quote above, only a few points should be required. Convergence testing can be used to check how many points are needed.
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