How to choose the inductance and capacitance of the LC filter circuit?

    • Ceceliaanne

      Design an analog-to-digital conversion board. The controller uses STM32 and an ADC chip. I want to supply the 3.3V output from the LDO chip to both the stm32 and the ADC. The stm32 belongs to the digital part, and the ADC belongs to the analog part, so I plan to use The 3.3V output by the LDO is first supplied to the ADC, and then the VCC part is added to the LC filter circuit, and the GND is added to the 0-ohm resistor and then supplied to the stm32.

      How should the LC filter circuit be designed here? How to choose an inductor and capacitor? How big should the inductor be? How big should the capacitor be? Is there experience value?

    • Chinmay T
      Ansys Employee

      May I know what help do you need from us and which Ansys simulation tool are you using to design ADC conversion board?
      Thanks Chinmay
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