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How to comibe two seperate result files.rst to generate a video in workbench cfd post

    • Tayyaba
      Hi I am working on FSI using workbench , I have to run my case for at least 15sec but after 10sec it states the following error;
      ''(DP 0) System coupling run completed with errors. Transient Structural (Solution) reported: You may not restart using the results file from the previous analysis since the number of results on it already exceeds the maximum of 10000 Rename the previous results file and restart thereby creating a new results file. Please do not save the project if you would like to recover to the last saved state.''

      Although I have overcome this problem, but now I have different results files , first is from 0-10sec and the other one from 10-15sec, my question is how to combine two results files together to generate a complete video till 15sec.




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