How to configure time events in Interconnect

    • Gamyusa_utae
      Hello I would like to know how it is possible to vary a parameter during a time domain simulation at a given instant.
      For example, opening or closing a switch at a certain time, or varying the value of a resistor over time.
      I couldn't find any information on this.
      Thanks in advance
    • Kyle
      Ansys Employee


      The properties of the elements in INTERCONNECT are fixed over the course of a time-domain simulation, so you can't change them part of the way through the simulation. The only element parameters that change would be those that depend on the values of the input signals, for example the effective index of a modulator, which depends on the input electrical signal. One possible method to make a property that changes over time might be to use a Scripted Element, but this is an advanced feature that may require a lot of development time by the user. 

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