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How to model a spherical bridge bearing support

    • Sam Ho

      Hi, I am trying to model a spherical bridge bearing support in my model.


      I have defined general joints which only allow axial translational movement and also spherical joints that only allow rotation. They are defined as different bodies. Do I still define a frictional contact between them on top of these joints?


      Thank you very much,

      Sam Ho

    • Rahul Kumbhar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Sam, no, it is not required to define the contact on top of joints.

      • Sam Ho

        Thank you for your reply. 

        In this case, how are joints in ansys defined? In particular, what does a general joint which only allows translation in the x,y,z axis and no rotation mean? (How does Ansys calculate faces sliding over each other without defining coefficient of friction?) Also, is there anyway to add like a spring constant to a spherical joint in Ansys?

        How would you recommend modelling a spherical bridge bearing?

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