How to coupling EDT (2021R2) with fluent using ansys workbench (student 2022R2)

    • phuonganhlovely.me
      To analyze the thermal performance of a motor via ansys workbench, I want to couple EDT (2021 R2) with fluent, but I cannot find the maxwell tool there. This is why I cannot open the file maxwell to coupling and work with it.
      With EDT 2021 R2 version, how can I simulate thermal of a motor using Fluent?
      thanks a lot for any help 
    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi phuonganhlovely.me,

      You can look at the below help section on system coupling tutorials

      Ansys Product Help

      If you are a student or if you cannot access the above help link.

      Please refer to the below forum discussion for help on how to access the Ansys help.




    • phuonganhlovely.me


      Hi navya C 

      Although I have read how to access the ANSYS Customer Portal, I do not see a link in the ANSYS Workbench Help (just open A browser window) I am using the student version (2022R2).

      can you have me check it?

      thank you




    • phuonganhlovely.me

      I know how to integrate it

      thanks a lot 

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