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how to create a composite material with only E1, E2, v12 and G12 property?

    • Chin-Hung Lai

      Because in CLT plane element don't consider the direction of Z axial. I used ACP and transform to shell element, but if i change the value of G23, the result won't be the same. but i should be the same. why? can anyone help me? thanks.

    • Reno Genest
      Ansys Employee


      The out-of-plane shear stiffnesses G31 and G23 are involved via shear correction factors:


      [46] P. IsakssonA. Krusper, and P.A. GradinShear Correction Factors for Corrugated Core Structures. Composite StructuresVol. 80. pp. 123-130. 2007.


      The above is taken from the Ansys documentation:





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