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General Mechanical

How to create a model using solids and horizonta/vertical links?

    • MickMack


      I am trying to replicate a study which modelled progressive collapse of a volumetric modular building, but i am unable to generate the model.

      Each module in the structure has similar characteristics to a shipping container so they have been modelled as rigid, becuse they are inherently robust and the focus of the study is on the connections between the models. The total mass of each module considering the dead load plus 25% of live load is assumed 20 tones, which corresponds to 500 Kg/m2.

      A snippet of the model from the study is below.

    • MickMack
      Not sure what happened but i now have the solids in mechanical, i will explain as follows;

      I noticed that when i went to close the spaceclaim window it wanted to save a copy separately event though i had already saved the workbench project. It would appear that the spaceclaim file was not linked to the project schematic geometry in workbench even though that is how i opened it. Therefore i closed that window (without saving it) and reopened a new spaceclaim file through the geometry option again and created my four rectagular solids to represent modules.
      Once i had the four solid modulels created in spaceclaim, a green tick appeared beside the geometry part in my static structural schematic. I did not have to use the workbench share command.

      I would still appreciate any advice on how to model this structure, thanks.
      Thanks Michael

      PS. In the first post i meant to say elastic support rather than remote displacement.
    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      I just checked your previous post There is a non-linear unidirectional spring element COMBIN39 in ANSYS. Using KEYOPT(3) will let you select the required DOF/direction along which you want the force to be applied at the vertex. You could use 3 such springs at each vertex as shown in the 3rd figure you posted. You need to create a spring in ANSYS and then add a command snippet for each spring to change the element type and keyopt options. You can refer
      " target="blank">
      . You need to modify the second line in the snippet and use keyopt (3) = 1 or 2 or 3 depending on whether the spring is shear/axial.
      Regards Ishan.
  • MickMack
    Hi @1shan Thank you for directing me to COMBIN39, it certainly appears to be promising.
    Your assistance is greatly appreciated and the video and notes on keyopt were also very beneficial.
    Many Thanks.
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