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How to create a sub.-file from scratch?

    • bcho


      I'm trying to create a sub.-file from scratch. I do the following steps:

      *set,matr,.... (create stiffness matrix that should be read to sub.-file)

      *set,rowinfo,...(create row information array)

      *DMAT,Stiffmatr,,IMPORT,APDL,matr (import Apdl array with dmat)

      *EXPORT,Stiffmatr,SUB,Gen.sub,STIFF,rowinfo (export stiffness matrix to sub.-file using the row information array)

      Unfortunately I get the following error:
       *EXP Command : Matrix/Vector ROWINFO cannot be found.

      Does anyone know what's wrong with my commands? Thanks in advance.

    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee


      If you know what to put in the sub file, then please refer to section 4.5 of the ANSYS Parametric Design Language Guide which discusses an example:

      It looks like you are specifying the input in the rowinfo matrix.

      Above is true only if you know what to put in the sub file. What is your scenario and what version are you using? You should be able to create a CMS superelement within Mechanical (which is basically the sub file)

    • bcho

      Thanks for your response. I already solved my problem with the same web site you are referring to.

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