How to create a time varying uniform magnetic field?

    • hansongriggs

      Hi there. I would like to create a uniform magnetic field in a 3D box region of space that varies with time.

      With the Maxwell Magnetostatic solver, I can use a combination of 'Tangential H-Field' and 'Zero Tangential H-Field' boundaries to create a uniform magnetic field (see

      for details on how this is done). See attached image to see this:


      However, I would like the uniform magnetic field to be time-varying, meaning I need to use the 'Magnetic-Transient' solver. I want to be able to "pulse" the magnetic field. For example:

      • from 0-2ms the magnetic field is zero;
      • then between 2ms-10ms the magentic field is 10A/m;
      • then between 10ms-20ms the magnetic field is zero again.

      Is this possible in the Maxwell Magnetic Transient Solver?

      Thanks :)

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi @hansongriggs,

      I don't think it is possible to achieve. Because the field won't go to zero immediately after the source goes to zero.

      May I know why you want to do that and what are you trying to achieve here?




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