How to create bands at the inlet and outlet of tube during circumferential average?

    • Anadi_Mondal


      The process for circumferential average is as follow:

    • Karthik R
      Hello I'm not sure if I understand your question completely. Could you please add some images and help me understand your ask better?
    • Anadi_Mondal

      My tube is 1.97m long. When I am trying to get the circumference average of film thickness, I am creating 195 bands along the axial direction of the tube. After getting the thickness, I notice band location (red line mark) starts from a small distance away from the inlet and some distance before the outlet. But I need to get data (thickness) at the inlet(blue marked line) and outlet(blue marked line).
      Please see the below image:
      Here the band is creating at the red marked line and giving data at these points. But, I need to create a band and get data at the blue-marked location. Actually, the red line is the cell center. How can I create a band at the blue-marked location? Or, how can I control band locations?
      If still my explanation confuses you, please let me know.

      Thanks Anadi

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      Given the value at that position will be entirely dependent on the boundary condition I'm not sure it'll be much use. Similarly, with an aspect ratio like that I'd be wary of using any of the results.
    • Anadi_Mondal
      Sorry ! I did not get you.
      Here is my situation:(the image is for circumference averaged film thickness)
      My annular tube extends from 0.1m-2.07m. While I am creating 200 bands to get the circumference averaged value at the band locations, the first band (location)starts at 0.105051m. But I need to create the first band at exactly 0.1m. Is it possible to or how can I create a band at 0.1m and get data at this position?
      Thank You Anadi

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