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How to create contour plot about material properties in apdl

    • irisfay32

      Dear Members,

      Is there a command to create a contour plot of material property values (like elastic modulus or density). I know that I can list the material properties, however I do need to visualize them. 

      Besides, I found a possible solution on other websites which is below:

      "> This is going to be a three step solution:
      > 1. store the material number of each element in an array (*VGET)
      > 2. replace the material numbers in the array by the appropriate material
      > property value (e. g. the value of KXX)
      > 3. define an element solution (DESOL) containing the material property
      > values and plot it (PLESOL)"

      I tried, but I don't know how to realize the step 2 and 3. 

      I'll really appreciate if anyone could help me. 

      Thanks a lot!




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