how to create pressure coefficient expression in CFD-Post?

    • Aram

      Hi every one

      I am working on a tall building CFD and I have to validate my results. so I need to compare Cp (pressure coefficient) of some points on building with experimental results. I have create points and for creating Cp expression I enter this formula into Expression:

      (Pressure-Reference Pressure)/(0.5* areaAve(Density)@inlet * areaAve(Velocity)@inlet^2)

      But it gives an error with this description:

    • Swathi V. V.
      Ansys Employee
      Hi Can you please look into the definition of Reference pressure again. I guess the Reference pressure is not defined correctly.
    • Aram
      thank you for your response
      the problem is that there is no reference pressure expression in expressions. I checked older version of Ansys (18) and in that version, by default, the reference pressure expression has been created.
      So I created a reference pressure expression by my self, but when I want to use the variable which uses Pressure Coefficient it gives this error!
      I don't know how can I solve this problem!

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