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How to create valve lift and piston motion profile ? (.prof) format file

    • kishanchand11

      hello guys,

      Iam currently doing a project under ic fluent analysis in cold flow simulation, I have created the geometry and gave values in input manger, prior that I have to provide ''valve lift and piston profile motion'' . prof format file and I don't know how to create or procede further and there is no data out there atleast how to begin or start creating profile file. basically I need the value lift and piston profile motion till compression stroke cuz the main agenda of project is to create maxiumum turbulence in combustion chamber with change in engine specifications
      (no combustion). I need  ''valve lift and piston profile motion'' upto compression stroke only as there is no combustion process is involved.
      please help me in this regarding, your help will much appreciated , please guide


    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      Have a look into user guide and dynamic mesh cg motion. It provides example how such a file look a like.

      This is helpful
    • kishanchand11

      thank you very much

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