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How to deal with negative quality mesh elements in ICEM CFD mesh?

    • cez198229

      I am trying to develop a Hexa mesh in a flow domain with a cylinder in a scour hole. The flow domain is shown below.

      The bottom surface and the cylinder surface are treated as walls, and hence the inflation layers are provided around them.

      The developed mesh contains some negative quality elements at the intersection of the cylinder with the bottom surface. 

      How can I remove those cells from the mesh?

      I tried pre-mesh smoothing but was unable to remove them. 

      Please find the figures below

      1. Flow domain

      2. cylinder and bottom surface

      3. Blocking

      4. Mesh section

      5. Negative quality elements

    • Vivek Praveen
      Ansys Employee


      I think if you can give an Ogrid split to the cylinder, it might help increase the quality of cells at the sides of the cylinder. 

      For more information on creating Ogrid Split, please refer this video:

      Also, you can refer the documentation here: Ogrid Block (ansys.com)

      If you are not able to access the link, please refer to this forum discussion: https://forum.ansys.com/forums/topic/using-help-with-links/#latest

    • cez198229

      I already provided the O grid around the cylinder 

      Most of the negative quality mesh elements are located at the intersection of cylinder with the bottom surface.

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